Garden Pet Urns-Garden Pet Urn

Garden Pet Urns offers a unique and charming way to store pet ashes. This garden stepping stone urn is completely waterproof and made of ultraviolet-safe material. It is of the finest quality and workmanship, which can’t be beat by plastic imitations. Designed by a mold maker who worked with Disney, Garden Pet Urns are made in the U.S. of heavy, waterproof resin that look and feel like rock. Available in marble gray or sienna brown, these beautiful, high quality stepping stones will blend into any garden style. The stepping stone urn turns your landscape garden into a very special and meaningful spot. It creates a lovely way to pay tribute to your beloved pet in a peaceful, natural setting. Each urn weighs 6 lbs 7 oz, and is 13in.w x 10in.h x 4in.d and is $146.50.


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